My Dream Concert!

July 29, 2013

Irvine, CA

When I heard that John Mayer was finally resurfacing to go on tour, I was elated!  It’s pretty wild that ONE person is responsible for so many of my favorite songs.  His work stems back to my early high school days and my affinity for his music hasn’t lessened a bit over the years.  That being said, up until this weekend, I had never been to one of his shows before.  I know, it’s kind of loco, but it’s the truth.  So when Eric surprised me with tickets to this past weekend’s show at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, I was PSYCHED!  Oh, and to top it off, Phillip Phillips, who I grew to love on American Idol last season, was opening the show.  What could be better? For me- not a whole lot.



Since the concert was a bit of a drive away, we decided to make a weekend of it. Taking a day to hang by the hotel pool, and getting out of the city for a full 24 hours, is rejuvenating in oh so many ways. 

The show proved to exceed all of my (incredibly high) expectations.  The performances bested any recorded versions I’d previously heard, which for me (someone who can not sing AT ALL) is fascinating!  The venue is perfect for a warm summer night.  We drank cold beverages, ate tacos, and sang as loud as we wanted from our cozy lawn seats.  To paint a picture, it’s like a big nighttime picnic with fantastic music- I’ll take it! Making for a glorious Saturday night all around, it was truly a wonderful show- one that won’t soon be forgotten.  Thanks for coming back Mr. Mayer- I hope you stick around for a long while!

cute straight on.jpg

For the show, I wanted to have some fun with my outfit and wear some bright colors.  Ya never know, John Mayer might really appreciate a good pair of bright peach flats and next thing ya know, I’m backstage, BAM! (You know that I like to dream big;) Anyways, these colorful flats and the shorts are from Forever21 and they are both comfy and fun- perfect for a night outdoors on the lawn.  I feel it is also necessary to note that I found this lace top at H&M for $2.50 last weekend (what!?). You can’t beat their sales.

Hope you are having a lovely Monday.  Go ahead and have a little fun with your outfits this week, you never know who they might impress!

Shorts: Forever21 (Similar) 

Top: H&M (Similar)

Earrings, Shades,&Flats: Forever21 

Bracelet: JewelMint

shades on.jpg
open mouth look back.jpg
laugh med shot.jpg
happy fun maybe.jpg