Social Butterflies

August 2, 2013

Greystone Mansion & Park, Beverly Hills, CA


Owned by the city of Beverly Hills, this historic landmark, rich with history, and now widely used as a backdrop for a whole bunch of highly recognizable films and TV shows, it’s likely that you’ve seen this property (in some shape or form) before. That being said, though I am certain I have passed by this area almost daily, for the past 2 years, I never even knew it existed! I think it’s kept as a bit of a secret gem around this town, but it’s definitely well worth exploring. 

 With gorgeous views of the entire city, turtle ponds, beautiful gardens, and fountains, the landscape alone, is breathtaking.  The mansion, which we were unable to explore today, must be something entirely stunning of its own.  It’s honestly bizarre for me to imagine that this property was built for a single family of four in the twenties.  All I can say, is that those kids must’ve had some pretty amazing games of hide and seek.  I guess that’s what being an oil and gold tycoon will get ya!

Next time you’re in the Beverly Hills area, take a little detour, and check out this fascinating place. I’m oh so glad that my girlfriends and I decided to do just that on our way to lunch on this warm summer afternoon!


I am so excited that my beautiful pal, Sheena Graves, was able to join me today on the blog.  She is a dear friend and MODEL so I figured I would bribe her into posing with me on the way to lunch.  Almost all of the clothing and handmade jewelry that we have on today is by Michelle Roy of Social Butterflies.  If you haven’t heard of this company before, you should definitely check it out! I love her classically girly pieces (featured here) but she definitely has some edgier/trendy pieces as well.    

laugh cute.jpg

Kelly's Look: 

Dress & Necklace: c/o Social Butterflies

Heels: Forever21



kelly close.jpg

Sheena's Look: 

Top: c/o Social Butterflies

Pants: Forever21 (Similar) 


All photos today were taken by the very lovely and talented Jennifer Biswas

Oh yeah, and HAPPY FRIDAY!!