Easy Breezy

August 5, 2013

Santa Monica, CA

Oh hey- it’s Monday!

After a relaxing and or restlessly exciting summer weekend, I certainly know that it can be challenging to get back to the daily grind.  It’s the day of the week that poolside happy hour is abruptly replaced with early morning coffee, traffic, and a computer screen with 15 windows open at once. BLAH!

long shot look back.jpg

All that being said, I must admit…I kind of like Mondays. 

Whoa! Now, before you let your imagination run wild, I have to let you know that I’m certainly not a “morning person” or an “eager beaver” type.  I tend to think of people who like Mondays as being like that Rachel Berry character on Glee.   You know the type:  the girl who wakes up with a smile, makes herself a full breakfast, paints her nails, and still eagerly arrives 20 minutes early for work?  I am the polar opposite of that type.  Arriving to work even 5 minutes early, with enough time to zap that instant oatmeal or smear peanut butter on a bagel is a major victory over here.  So what’s my trick for getting going on Mondays?   I remind myself (some weeks more often than others) that Monday is the START of a something new.  It’s a day full of opportunity to start fresh, get back on that crazy diet, make those dolla dolla bills, and accomplish the world!

Now if that whole mentality sounds like a bunch of malarkey (HA! I love that word), then I find it always helps to reminisce about how great your weekend was and remind yourself that in just a few short days, you’ll be weekending all over again!

I spent most of my weekend down in Santa Monica in this perfectly summery Ruche maxi dress. It’s an effortlessly adorable piece that works for just about everything a casual beach weekend entails.  We brunched at a new local organic spot on Montana, caught up with friends and family over a delicious steak dinner near the ocean, ate chocolate chip cookies, relaxed by the pool, and found a new piece for my kitchen from the local flea-market on Melrose.  

Yup! The reminiscing thing totally works! 

So go ahead, tell your boss how fantastic your weekend was, mark the countdown on your desktop calendar till Friday, or simply remind yourself of each great thing you want to achieve this week.  Whatever it is that temporarily gives you that Rachel-Berry-on-Monday-morning enthusiasm…do it!

closeup smile.jpg
look down.jpg

Dress: Ruche

Sandals: Some shop on Melrose

Ring: H&M (Similar)

smirk full length look back.jpg
cu Ring.jpg
behind dress.jpg
med shot smiley.jpg