Black and White

August 8, 2013

An alley behind La Brea, Los Angeles, CA

Sometimes you have to stick to the classics.


On days where I have to attempt to look professional and “business like”- a hat I wear from time to time- I like to be able to do it while still maintaining a sense of my whimsical “I’ll never grow up” self. 

This little black and white number allows me to do just that. It gives me just the right amount of confidence necessary to pull off a successful day!  Who doesn’t love a little success in their life? (And best of all, I still feel like myself).

Another thing that is great about this dress is that because it’s black and white, it allows for a lot of freedom with accessories.  I, however, chose to keep it pretty simple today, adding only a touch of blue with this costume necklace.  It’s a perfect reminder that even though fall is just around the corner, we are still truly in the peak of summer and a pop of color keeps you feeling that sunshine.      


Dress: Ruche

Necklace: H&M

Heels: Guess

laugh full body.jpg
close up.jpg
closeup legs dress.jpg
cute little dancy bag.jpg