Backyard Bungalow

August 13, 2013

West Hollywood, CA

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With the help of a lovely little website called,, an adventurous friend of mine, has been house/apartment hopping all over town this summer.  Though I personally have not used the site before, the concept behind it is pretty simple: it’s a place where you can rent out your home to perfect strangers while you are out of town (and vice versa).  Now if you’re thinking, “Well, that sounds pretty sketchy”- I have to admit, I was right there with you, but after seeing some of the places that she has been able to call home this summer, I’m a changed woman! 

From a three story Venice beach house, to an artistic loft downtown, she is now settled in this adorable townhome in West Hollywood.  Complete with a quaint backyard garden, fire pit, and enough room to entertain guests on a warm summer night, what more could you really ask for? A washer and dryer maybe? Well, you’re in luck because it has that too! Needless to say, my friend is a genius.  While she’s been living in affordable and exciting new spots, stockpiled with amenities, the rest of us Los Angelinos have been schlepping our dirty laundry to the laundry mat every month and looking for street parking at night. (Well, maybe that’s just me).

Regardless of your current laundry situation, it’s probably pretty easy to imagine why my girlfriends and I have quickly decided to make the most of my pal’s amazing casa of the month.  Impromptu backyard hangouts and “garden parties” as we like to call them, have become the norm.  It’s peaceful, beautiful, and it’s honestly the biggest backyard I’ve had access to (in LA) in quite some time.

So there you have it, adventure pays off yet again.  Now the only thing left to do is figure out how to convince the owners to never come back;)

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This light blue dress by Tulle with an adorable scalloped neckline, is perfectly classic for all things summer- especially backyard garden parties.  It's both sophisticated and casual and I absolutely love the pockets (I can never get enough of a sundress with pockets).  Best of all, it is completely fitting for backyard gatherings at my pal's current "home of the month".

Dress: Tulle

Necklace: Ruche 

Heels: Aldo (Similar


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Photos today by Jennifer Biswas.