Fun Friday!

July 26, 2013

A little park in near 6th St and Fairfax, Los Angeles, CA

Fun Friday, Casual Friday, Fabulous Friday, or whatever other lovely name you can think of to call this glorious day, it marks the start of weekend, and I couldn’t be happier! Who knows what these next two magical days will hold? Will I: rearrange my apartment, catch up with old friends, begin writing a novel, find amazing new pieces at the flea market, discover a delicious brunch spot, finally learn how to surf, attend an epic party, meet exciting new people, run into Tom Brady at the beach (I dream big), or even just sleep for eleven hours straight, the possibilities are ENDLESS!

So go ahead and get after it!

fun dancy movement med.jpg

I like to carry my whimsical weekend view over to my wardrobe on Fridays.  Today is no exception.  This short little polka dot skirt from H&M is so much fun and polka dots are so very in right now. Even Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, and most fashionable mom on the planet, was rocking some polka dots this week!  So go ahead, have some fun, and find an outfit that makes you feel like can accomplish the world this weekend!

Skirt: H&M

Blouse: H&M

Necklace: Ruche

Ring&earrings: Forever21

Heels: Guess



look off full body shot.jpg
outfit shot.jpg
close up good.jpg
looking off no smile full body diff.jpg
side laugh.jpg