Purple in the Park

July 22, 2013

Roxbury Park. Beverly Hills, CA

full lenght back edited.jpg

When in doubt, go for a picnic! That’s my motto anyways.

Since returning to LA, it has been a bit dreary and oddly muggy (I guess the Boston weather followed me back here!)  So this weekend, instead of heading to the beach or the pool, my boyfriend and I decided to go picnic at a local park that we had never been to before.  And it was great!

Picnics are really perfect for the not-so-beachy summer days that are bound to come around from time to time.  And let’s be honest, there’s really nothing more relaxing than spending the afternoon hanging out under a tree, eating a sandwich, and reading a good book at the park. Ok…I guess if you factor in the kids running around and the ants crawling up your legs, it’s probably pretty easy to think of more relaxing spots, but let’s just agree that it’s a great way to spend an afternoon.  It’s a place to disconnect from the internet, admire other people’s dogs, and lay back making up stories about the cloud shapes above.  For me specifically, it’s a place where I can be content to just sit quietly (which is RARE) and take a moment to appreciate the beauty that’s actually always around me, just usually unnoticed.

It’s the little things.

Life is certainly busy, stressful, and tough so to take a moment to appreciate the positivity that is all around you.  Whether it’s a picnic or a longer walk on your lunch break, it will recharge your soul and it will make for a better day. 


This adorable purple summer dress is from Ruche  and will bring a pop of color to even your cloudiest of days.  I paired it with some classic nude heels and a turquoise handmade wrap bracelet by Victoria Emerson.   Usually, this item would be oustide my price range, but I got it on livingsocial.  Yay for great deals! Sometimes I forget about livingsocial for jewelry, reserving it mostly for getting involved in new exercise classes and getaway packages, but don't make this same mistake. Check it out from time to time- you'll find some gems! 

Dress: Ruche  

Heels: Forever21 

Bracelet: Victoria Emerson

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Oh and hey! Meet my photographer/boyfriend:



There he is ladies and gents…a stud of guy who’s not afraid of anything! (Including stealing a kid’s soccer ball for a bit at the park;)