The Best Brunch in Town

July 16, 2013

Cuttyhunk Island, MA


The day we head home: perfect weather! Ah yes. After days of being cooped up inside, dodging rain storms,  and playing several rounds of Taboo, the sun has finally resurfaced over here.

We didn't want to waste any of it and so before we left the docks, we headed off on a walk to the local island brunch spot.  It's the only breakfast place in town so maybe I'm biased, but I must say, both the views and the food are top notch. In fact, I'd say eating there while visiting is a must.

Aside from the quality food, I think it's also interesting to note that our waitress was actually the same girl that served us pizza at Sopranos the night before.  This is actually quite common.  Since the town is so small and the stores/restaraunts are only open a few hours a day, the locals shift around from job to job as the day goes on. And although Ive experienced this many times now- it always throws me off a bit when the same person who I got my dinner from the night before is then selling me a T-shirt at the gift shop the next morning. Yet another unique trait of this quaint little town.

Oh Cuttyhunk, I hope you never change!


Seen on the path along the way!


I chose this daisy dress from Forever21 for today's sunny morning brunch. I love floral. I love vintage. I love this dress. Most of all though, I love that the whole look is under $50. Yahoo!



Dress: Forever21

Shoes: Forever21 (Similar) 

Earrings & Bracelet: H&M


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