Westwood, CA

One of my favorite things about summer is being able to wear shorts to the office. It's a fun change from my usual attire and it makes for an easy happy hour transition. And while most work places (like mine) adhere to a casual dress code, the topic remains a bit controversial: should you or shouldn't you strut your pair of weekend shorts into the boardroom? I guess it's best to consider these three things:

1. Would you be OK wearing them in a meeting with senior leaders?

2. Do you work in an "official" dress code culture?

3. How short are we talking? 

I say, when in doubt, wear them with a blazer. 

That's what I did with this little printed pair. The black and white color combo make them easy to wear with just about anything and with a lightweight, airy design, they're great for desk days and beach days, too!

What do you guys think? Will you be wearing shorts to the office this season?  


Split Neck Tank: LOFT (on sale now!)

Sandals: Nordstrom

Printed Shorts: Urban Outfitters (similar here)

Layer Necklace: Forever 21

Polka Dot Mug: Charming Charlie

Blazer: Last season (similar here)


Photos By: Lynne Hsieh

Dance It Off

August 20, 2014

Downtown Los Angeles, CA.


Taylor Swift really has an affect on me.  She released this video “Shake it off” on Monday and last night, I found myself in a dance class for the first time in YEARS.  I joined a group of my friends and crashed their regular hip-hop class downtown.  Initially embarrassed by my tight leggings and ballet attire, which caused me to stick out amongst the sea of dancers clad in flannels and baggy clothing, I took Taylor’s approach and danced it out my own way.  Everyone in the class had the same approach.  No one cared about skill level, or getting the combination perfectly.  In fact, a girl came to the front and essentially reinvented her own version of twerking halfway through the combination.  It was amazing!  She totally abandoned the steps, did her own thing, and was applauded by everyone for doing so because after all dance, art, and life is only made interesting by making and choosing to do it your own way.

After dance class, we hit up Taco Tuesday at Casa La Dona, for a well-deserved delicious feast!  If you’re looking to find a great Mexican spot, this place is a MUST.  It’s not a fancy shmancy place, but it is tasty, the service is amazing, and the food has got just the right amount of spice! 

Now, it is a well-known fact that Los Angeles is always sunny and glorious but it is a bit less known that most nights are quite cool.  Therefore, I embrace steamy evenings like last night and I dress myself accordingly.  I paired high-waisted black shorts with  a lightweight cropped sweater tee and some black heels.  It was a fun dinner outfit perfect for a warm summer on the town. (Now if only I could l learn to dance in heels!)

Things are lightening up this Fall and one of the latest trends I’ve noticed is sizing down purses.  That’s right, we’re trading in oversized purses for mini bags this upcoming season and being the owner of several Mary Poppins-type bags myself, this is one trend I am getting a head start on.  I chose this little over the shoulder pink purse for my evening out on the town.  It’s just big enough for my essentials and nothing more! 


Kelly's Under $100 Look:

 Pocket Shorts: $17.80 Forever21

Earrings: c/o ThatsMineBoutique!

Striped Oatmeal & Black Top: $15.80 Forever21

Heels: (On Sale right now) $34.99 Jessica Simpson

Pink Shoulder Purse: (mine is old from H&M) but check out this similar one here 

Total: $68.59

fun far.jpg

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Photos by: Art Voskonian

Take Two!

May 30, 2014

Los Angeles, CA.

smile pockets.jpg
med shot over shoulder GREEN.jpg

When I had a roommate, I’d always love to go through the large bags of clothes and shoes that she’d bring home after a long day of shopping.  Not only was she a great little fashionista, but I always admired a very particular shopping habit of hers: if she loved something, she’d always grab at least 2 pairs, and usually more if they had more colors.  She did this with purses, shoes, jeans, dresses- EVERYTHING! I’d be like, “Hey I love that navy purse!” and with a wry little smile she’d walk back to her closet and reveal that she also had it in nude and black as well.  Unfortunately, I was always too plain Jane to do that,  picking just one color or print and sticking to that option.  However, I’ve become wise in my older age and I’ve realized that when you find something great, it’s best to just say, “I’ll take two!” And this is especially true with a classic, timeless pieces like this double pocket blouse I’m wearing today.  Similar to the much pricier version you can find at J. Crew, I got these at Loopsway and love how the change in color adds a bit of variety on the look.  I tried to emphasize that by keeping all of my other accessories exactly the same.  Which do you guys like better?

This look is classic, a bit preppy, and east coast with a bit of a timeless spring/summer quality.  It can be dressed down for a casual summer outing (like I have done here) or you can wear this as more of a business casual look for a work event.  I paired the tan searsucker shorts from ZARA with my navy stiped clutch from the GAP , a yellow statement necklace from Ruche and finished the look off with some classic chocolate wedges from Steve Madden, which I found at Marshalls for a great little steal!

With classics that are affordable and just so essential to your every day wardrobe, it’s simply best to take two!

look down pocket PINK.jpg

Top: Green & Pink: c/o Loopsway

Wedges: Steve Madden via Marshalls

Necklace: Ruche (old)

Shorts: ZARA

Clutch: Gap

full side prof GREEN.jpg
Look off GREEN .jpg
side smile kneee up PINK.jpg
xcu GREEN.jpg
med shot straight on PINK.jpg
full straight on GREEN.jpg
Med shot pocket PINK.jpg
smiley side GREEN.jpg

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Photos taken by: Courtney Locks