Summer Uniform

September 1, 2015

Santa Monica, CA

Summer is quickly coming to a close, but with the continuation of sky-high temps, a sudden wardrobe revamp would seem silly.  For this transitional time, I always like to keep things easy and stick to basic, cross-seasonal pieces. This bouncy trapeze dress is just that.  I snagged it a couple of weeks ago and I knew it would be perfect for both summer and fall.  Great for the office or an afternoon brunch with friends (which is where I wore it here) you can easily swap out my summery wedges and lace fedora for a brimmed hat and fall booties.  It’s the perfect canvas dress and I’ve been living in it the past couple of weeks. I just need to get my hands on a few more.  What’s your late-summer uniform? Check out more of my favorites at the end of this post. 

Trapeze Dress: Ruche

Lace Up Wedges: Material Girl 

Tassel Pendant: Baublebar

Lace Fedora: Nordstrom

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Photos By: Shara Cooper

Dance It Off

August 20, 2014

Downtown Los Angeles, CA.


Taylor Swift really has an affect on me.  She released this video “Shake it off” on Monday and last night, I found myself in a dance class for the first time in YEARS.  I joined a group of my friends and crashed their regular hip-hop class downtown.  Initially embarrassed by my tight leggings and ballet attire, which caused me to stick out amongst the sea of dancers clad in flannels and baggy clothing, I took Taylor’s approach and danced it out my own way.  Everyone in the class had the same approach.  No one cared about skill level, or getting the combination perfectly.  In fact, a girl came to the front and essentially reinvented her own version of twerking halfway through the combination.  It was amazing!  She totally abandoned the steps, did her own thing, and was applauded by everyone for doing so because after all dance, art, and life is only made interesting by making and choosing to do it your own way.

After dance class, we hit up Taco Tuesday at Casa La Dona, for a well-deserved delicious feast!  If you’re looking to find a great Mexican spot, this place is a MUST.  It’s not a fancy shmancy place, but it is tasty, the service is amazing, and the food has got just the right amount of spice! 

Now, it is a well-known fact that Los Angeles is always sunny and glorious but it is a bit less known that most nights are quite cool.  Therefore, I embrace steamy evenings like last night and I dress myself accordingly.  I paired high-waisted black shorts with  a lightweight cropped sweater tee and some black heels.  It was a fun dinner outfit perfect for a warm summer on the town. (Now if only I could l learn to dance in heels!)

Things are lightening up this Fall and one of the latest trends I’ve noticed is sizing down purses.  That’s right, we’re trading in oversized purses for mini bags this upcoming season and being the owner of several Mary Poppins-type bags myself, this is one trend I am getting a head start on.  I chose this little over the shoulder pink purse for my evening out on the town.  It’s just big enough for my essentials and nothing more! 


Kelly's Under $100 Look:

 Pocket Shorts: $17.80 Forever21

Earrings: c/o ThatsMineBoutique!

Striped Oatmeal & Black Top: $15.80 Forever21

Heels: (On Sale right now) $34.99 Jessica Simpson

Pink Shoulder Purse: (mine is old from H&M) but check out this similar one here 

Total: $68.59

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Photos by: Art Voskonian