December 11, 2013

Beverly Connection. Los Angeles, CA

When we’re young, we were expected to believe in Santa Clause and all kinds of other magical things like: fairies, monsters, ghosts, and the Tooth Fairy- without any sort of doubt.  And weren’t those blissful days simply amazing?  

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Now I know most of us agree that even though we aren’t still running downstairs at 5am to tear through presents or making wishes when we fall asleep at night, Christmas brings a certain amount of hope and excitement to us all.  It’s a time to take off and snuggle with family and friends, and show loved ones how much we’ve appreciate their support throughout the year.  OK that all sounds lovely right?  Well, somehow over the years, Christmas has turned into a bit of a consumer frenzy.  Days like “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” have been created to force us away from our families and out into the cold to purchase as much as we possibly can afford.  In between all the holiday parties, travel, and end of the year work events, we are expected to pack in endless days of shopping.  What began as a beautiful day to celebrate with loved ones, may quickly turn into a bit of a stressful event that can leave a lot of us in over our heads hoping to pack as much as possible under the Christmas tree.

I think it’s always important not to lose sight of the true meaning of Christmas.  A few days ago I was with a friend of mine and I asked her if she was excited to give her adorable four-year-old daughter all kinds of presents for Christmas “ She’s going to be so excited!” I said. My friend then explained that while she planned on getting her a couple presents, she was also going to have her choose one present to give to another child at a local shelter.  “I need to teach her to be giving at an early age and she already has so much” she explained to me.  I this was wonderful and wanted to share it today because that’s what Christmas is really about- giving.

 I’ve found that homemade gifts are just as appreciated (if not even more) than store bought and nothing is better than spending quality time with loved ones.  It’s also great to donate to your local charities for those who may not be able to afford anything this Christmas, for whom Christmas may actually be a very difficult time of year.

My outfit today is entirely from OLD NAVY! Not only is it affordable and comfy, but it has a bit of extra holiday cheer that I need in my day today.  Love is something we can all afford this season.   Fortunately, love is also something we will never grow to old to believe in. 

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Boyfriend Jeans: OLD NAVY

Polka-dot Top: OLD NAVY

Graphic Sweater: OLD NAVY

Booties: Forever21

Purse: Marshalls

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Photos by: Jennifer Biswas