California Holidays

December 14, 2013

Los Angeles, CA

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In a couple of short days, I’ll be headed back east for a nice long holiday break and while I honestly can’t wait- I just got off the phone with my Mum who informed me that it’s currently 11 degrees and snowing at their house… What?!   Oh yeah that’s right, I guess I forgot that it’s the time of year when it snows in a good portion of the U.S.  Living in LA, you tend to forget that the seasons are changing since the weather tends to be much more mild. I think it was seventy today! 

Since I haven’t been back since early November, having spent Thanksgiving here, enjoying dinner, jacket-less, outside by the ocean in Palos Verdes, I am no doubt in for a rude awakening.  I mean, my boyfriend, who virtually complains about nothing, just asked me for long underwear for his Christmas gift (and meant it) because that’s how cold it has been in Boston!  Am I looking forward to the cold? Yes and no.  While it’s never terribly fun to walk around the city (no matter how many layers or warm coats you’ve got on) it’s a great time of year to cozy up and enjoy the fresh winter air. It also feels a lot more like Christmas with that chill in the air (let’s see how much I agree with this statement once I’m back next week).  I have to admit, it never really feels much like Christmas until I get home and so if that means I have to throw on a couple extra scarves.. so be it.  Either way, it’s what I’ve always grown up with and it’s the kind of weather that I’ve come to love as being a part of my holiday tradition. 

That being said, I’d say you California natives don’t have it too bad and might I add that I’ve always enjoyed being able to go to holiday parties (sans massive coats) here in in LA before heading home.  In fact, I’m headed to a couple holiday parties tonight and can’t wait to catch up with old friends and see everyone before this city officially shuts down for the year.  In a town where most everyone is not originally from here, you’d be amazed to know how quiet it becomes.  Everyone gets away and travels and production in the entertainment world shuts down, so the holiday parties leading up to the big hiatus are also quite a blast- everyone wants to get in their goodbyes before the new year!


Hope you’re enjoying the weekend (warm or cold) wherever you are!


This is one of many holiday party outfits I’ve worn out here this past week.  I found the dress at H&M and the booties are from Aldo.  The necklace is from That’s Mine! Boutique, an adorable online boutique based out of Maryland, where the creator, Amy, specializes in handcrafted jewelry.  If you haven’t heard of it, you should definitely check it out.  She makes everything herself so it’s all completely unique, which I love!  While most of her jewelry is a bit more colorful, I went with this silver necklace today because the design (although they are actually flowers) reminded me of snowflakes… who says you’ll never see snow in LA?

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Necklace c/o:  That's Mine! Boutique 

Dress: H&M

Booties: Aldo

Bracelet: Ruche

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Photos today by: Courtney Lockes