Movie Magic.

December 5, 2013

Los Angeles, CA

Over the little holiday break, I have to admit, we watched a TON of movies.   We would go out to screenings and then return home and put in another movie right after… and it was glorious.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I somehow got very lucky and was plucked- at random- out of the many other SAG members to be part of the nominating committee this year (in the film category).  It’s been so motivating to attend and watch such great films and while I certainly don’t LOVE them all, I can always appreciate a great performance.

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To be honest, although it always seems so very glamorous, the entertainment industry can be quite rough, and in a world where ‘NO’ is profoundly more popular than ‘YES’, it’s truly necessary for me to take moments like this past weekend, to sit down and enjoy a good movie, listen to the actors inspire audiences with their authenticity and creativity, and just remind myself for a second why it is that I moved to Los Angeles to begin with.

One thing I noticed while watching a lot of these movies, was that while many of them were at least loosely based on some sort of real-life story, they were also similar in how depressing they were.  One day, my sister called me to go over some details for her upcoming wedding and she was quite concerned to find me sobbing mid-day, as I was watching one of the many moving films I’ve recently been sent in the mail.  “You gotta stop watching these” she said, “you sound like a mess”.  Truly, I was a mess, but every once and a while, I find that it’s nice to be reminded about how moving a film can be- it’s both motivating and exciting to me.  Ever since I was a kid, I’ve had the ability to not only become lost in a movie while watching it, but to then continue to be consumed by it for days later.  I sit and think on it and it continues to affect me for days, which is why I really can not watch scary movies. 

With that, my refreshed outlook on the acting world has inspired today’s Audrey Hepburn-esque look.  She’s timeless and one of my all time favorites.  Whenever I need inspiration, I look to her films for a quick dose of her creative beauty and: voilà! I’m ready to face a whole wall of ‘NO’s. 

opt 2.jpg

This embellished sweater from RUCHE is perfect for the holidays and is a classic piece to add to your closet but I also love the open back! I paired it with my favorite new bracelet, also from Ruche (that seems to go with just about everything I wear right now).  For more inspirational holiday looks, check out their entire collection here



Sweater: Ruche

Bracelet: Ruche 

Heels: Guess (SIMILAR)

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Photos By: Jennifer Biswas