Lucky in Red

October 8, 2013

LACMA, Los Angeles, CA

Fortune Cookies don’t lie.

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Ok, well we all know that statement, itself, is a boldfaced lie.  However, I am choosing to believe that the fortune cookie I got yesterday stating: “Wear red and have good luck all week” was accurate.   My pal, however, opened her cookie at the very same time only to find a strange, seemingly meaningless fortune: “Do you feel like you’re walking in mud?”  Thus, we agreed to believe that since I was wearing red shoes and red nail polish at the time, mine had to be accurate and fantastic luck would surely be on it’s way for yours truly.  As for my pal, well, since hers made little sense to us, we agreed to forget it and laughed it off as we finished our tasty cookies.

Last night I met my “walking in the mud” pal over at the LACMA, which is just a couple of blocks from my place!  We were able to quickly check out the exhibit: Under the Mexican Sky: Gabriel Figueroa.   Gabriel, a Mexican cinematographer, helped to lead what they called the “Golden Age” of Mexican Cinema, worked all over the world, with a variety of artists and directors and I was fascinated to see that his work still proves to inspire contemporary filmmakers today.   The LACMA never disappoints and I am always so inspired by the works they are able to feature.  I forget it’s practically in my backyard, but I really have to get over there more often!

After the exhibit, we grabbed a beverage at Ray’s and Stark Bar, located in the courtyard area of the LACMA.  They have really amazing cocktails.  I mean, they take their concoctions very seriously and who doesn’t appreciate a place like that?  Last night, I tried out the Rose Wishes & Lavender Dreams, (doesn’t that just sound like a treat!) which is a gin based cocktail made extra yummy with St. Germaine, Rose, and some lemon and floral flavors, while my friend tried the Secret Cocktail, which was bourbon based, mixed with an egg white and some apple flavors—a little more daring, but perfect for the fall! 


Finally, we ended our evening at our local Thai spot, where I got the great news about how lucky my week is going to be!  I certainly won’t be taking this red nail polish off any time soon.   The truth is we could all use a little luck from time to time, and if it takes a silly fortune cookie or a lucky color to make us feel like we are a little closer to getting there, so be it!  

Here’s to hoping that luck finds its way into your world this week!


med shot poss main.jpg

This lovely vintage inspired navy dress with a keyhole back and colorful prints from Urban Outfitters is charmingly fitting for a night out at the museum, but I think the pops of red brought in by the flats and nails make the look complete.  I also love this new black clutch from Social Butterflies- just can’t get enough of this little boutique right now!

Dress:  Urban Outfitters

Silver Ring: C/O Social Butterflies

Black Clutch: C/O Social Butterflies

Gold Star Ring: Nordstrom Rack

Red Flats: Material Girl/ Macy’s /eBay

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