October 4, 2013

Los Angeles, CA

As a Los Angelino, sometimes, even if they don’t quite suit you, life is just more pleasant when you get on board with some of the local trends.  This morning I did just that and took a stroll through one of the many dog parks this fine city has to offer.  If you're not familiar with Los Angeles, dogs rule this city, and so there are dog parks and furry friends everywhere!  I never had a dog growing up and certainly don’t have the time to care for one now, so I guess that means I know very little about dogs and I guess that also makes me a weirdo, especially in this town… so shhh!  I once dated a guy who put his dog on anxiety medication--Woah!  What happened to the days of playing fetch to let off a little steam? Medicating a dog for anxiety just sounds a bit intense to me, but hey what do I know? I just said I hardly know anything about dogs!

look off good poss main USE.jpg

Anyways, let’s get back on track… is it a silly move to head to a dog park without a furry friend in tow? Well, maybe. But it’s only a couple blocks from my place and it’s a refreshing way to start my day, so I’ve embraced this adorable pet friendly park.   The best part?  There are so many cuddly dogs to admire, I get all the puppy love I need in my day.  The stroll is beautiful and there are parts of it that truly remind me of being my backyard, home, in New Hampshire.  It’s a quiet, peaceful escape just blocks from my place, and what’s better, I don’t have anyone to clean up after!  Either way, I say, embrace the local trends in your neighborhood, and make them fitting to your own personality or lifestyle. 


great poss Main side laugh.jpg

For this casual fall Friday, I chose to put together this fun outfit that I absolutely love.  It’s cozy, comfortable, and cute- perfect for a day like today.  The bright orange Forever 21 skinnies add a great pop of color to the more neutral tones of the rest of the outfit and I predict that I will be living in this tribal printed sweater from Social Butterflies this season.

Happy Friday everyone. Hope you’re all in as silly of a mood as me today!

Skinnies: Forever21 (SIMILAR)

Tribal Sweater: C/O Social Butterflies

Necklace  & Handmade Headband: C/O Social Butterflies

Booties: Forever21

Purse: Michael Kors (SPLURGE/STAPLE ALERT)

T-shirt: H&M (SIMILAR)

smile look down laugh.jpg
loong shot cute .jpg
cu bag and jewels.jpg
good smile.jpg
cool angle.jpg