Wedding Hangover

October 3, 2013

Cambridge, MA

Greeted after an exceptionally long and delusional redeye, with pumpkin-flavored scones, and hugs, I am truly baffled each time I arrive at Eric’s spacious Boston apartment.  How is it that it is four GUYS inhabit this miraculously clean and inviting space? I’m baffled.  But after a long trip, it’s been great to have such a welcoming space to look forward to.  Now anyone that knows Eric, even just a little bit, knows that he is clearly not responsible for the Martha Stuart living that is going on here, but nonetheless, I am loving it!

USE poss MAin.jpg

That being said, I spent very little time at the Boston Man-escape and most all of it with a group of just plain fantastic women.   This past weekend was a whirlwind wedding extravaganza!  Yes, that’s really the only way I can describe it.  One of my dearest friends from childhood got married on one of the most glorious days of the year, in one of the most beautiful gowns I have ever seen, right in the heart of Boston, and I was able to celebrate with my entire family and close friends.  It was truly beautiful.  Cori, the stunning bride, thought of every detail:  from treating us all to a day at the spa, to teaching us how to learn a traditional Greek dance (her husband was Greek so there was lots of Greek dancing at this wedding) and I personally loved the tradition of the Greek crowns at the ceremony- might be stealing that!  It was jam-packed with fun.  The bridesmaids were hysterical.  We spent most of our downtime sipping mini- champagne bottles in between photos, attempting to do our best Jimmy Fallon #hashtag rants, and stealing one liners from Kristin Wiig in Bridesmaids.  What the heck could be better? Oh yeah, singing Miley Cyrus songs at the top of our lungs in the limo… that girl is all the rage right now!  All jokes aside, we had an absolute blast and I feel so lucky to have been able to share in such a beautiful day with Cori. It is not often that you hold on to friends as long as we’ve held on to each other.  When you find those friends- keep them close and hold on tight! Here’s to you Cori and many years of wedded bliss! #IwishIwasinHawaiiwithyou!


wedding photo.jpg

This green pantsuit today is comfy, fun, and may I say a bit of a risk for me.  I felt like after days of partying- it was only appropriate to try something new and bold.  Perhaps it was all the champagne, perhaps it was the Greek dancing- either way… I love this color for fall.  In fact, I’ll go ahead and say it’s one of my favorite colors this season.  Pantsuits are certainly not easy to pull off, but I must say, they give you a sense of sassiness and confidence we all need from time to time.  Best part about this outfit?  The whole thing is under $100 so get inspired!


full body look up nosm_edited-1.jpg


Kelly’s Under $100 Look!

Jumpsuit: FOREVER21  $27.80

Booties: FOREVER21 $27.80

Belt: H&M  $12.95

Pink Kate Spade Ring: Nordstrom Rack $19.99

Alex & Ani Bracelets: Gifted from the Bride at the wedding!

Total cost: $88.54

look down use.jpg
another crossed arms GOOD.jpg