Falling In Love with Fall

October 11, 2013

Los Angeles, CA

Crisp autumn air and earlier sunsets have contributed to what actually is beginning to feel like a bit of a change of seasons around these parts.  This week, it seems like there has been a real shift: jackets and, yes, scarfs are out in full force.  Coming from the east coast where those types of garments are actually worn out of necessity, I’m still not sure that I’ll ever get used to seeing Los Angelinos dive into cozy hats and scarves as soon as the evening temps hit the fifties, but I’m slowly adapting.  Who knows, maybe even some day, I’ll be one of them.  Don’t worry Mom, I’ll never stop liking the Patriots or saying the word “wicked”.

med look down.jpg

Where was I? Ah yes, pumpkins, fallen leaves, and scarecrows decorate the street corners and last night I spent the evening with friends eating pumpkin pie, cinnamon apple goat cheese with cranberry bread, hot spiked apple cider, pumpkin bread, and apple pie.   The only thing missing were some carmel apples and we could’ve started our own country fair over here!  We relaxed with some Halloween flicks and laughed the night away.  I have to admit that I barely watched any of the movies because the only Halloween movie I can tolerate is Hocus Pocus, anything else remotely scary is too scary for me and that’s a fact. 

My outfit this afternoon represents one of my favorite looks of the season.  Just like everything Ruche seems to put out, this mustard midi skirt is classically chic and how great is the color for the fall?  It’ll inspire you to whip up your very own pumpkin bread… I swear!  I paired it with my black belt and lace top from Forever21 and this adorable hunter green floppy fedora hat from Social Butterflies.  I feel so totally me in this outfit I could wear it for days.. in fact, I just may wear it all weekend!


another adorable opt.jpg

Happy Friday everyone! 

Midi Skirt: Ruche

Blouse: Forever21 (Similar)

Belt: H&M (Similar) 

Fedora Hat & Bow Bracelet: C/O Social Butterflies

Boots: American Rag/Macy's  

excellent med shot poss MAIN.jpg
swish turn around.jpg
pondering med shot_edited-1.jpg
great med shot USE.jpg
cu outfit.jpg
cute close up over shoulder.jpg