October 18, 2013

Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch, West Hollywood, CA


Isn’t there just something inherently delightful about the very word itself?  Pumpkin.  It’s adorable.  Whether it reminds me of something that is simply delicious, or something that I simply adore, there aren’t many words I can say that about, and for that reason alone, I gotta say I love pumpkins.  In fact, I love them so much, that every year around this time, even if only for a minute, I convince myself that it would be a miraculous idea to dress up as a (twenty something year old) pumpkin for Halloween.  Which, let’s face it, just isn’t an adorable idea at all.  That’s what happens though, throw the word pumpkin in there and suddenly I’m swooning.

straight on pm.jpg

This past weekend some friends and I took a little ride over to Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch, in West Hollywood, which is just a hop skip and a jump away from my place.  It’s a fun little spot with games, rides, and toys—ya know, perfect for toddlers, families, oh and grown adults who are still considering the idea of dressing up as a pumpkin for Halloween.  That being said, there is something truly wonderful about being at places like Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch, that are so quickly able to transport us back to our childhood days.  My family and I had a tradition of going to pick out our pumpkins at a tiny red barn called Peter’s Farm in Salem, NH, growing up, and although it was simply a small open barn without games, prizes, or pies, I loved that little place because it was our spot.  Back then, I (like most people I imagine) always wanted the biggest one on the lot and it seems that not a lot has changed today.   After attempting to pick up what felt like a 40 pounder, and then imagining the long trek up several flights of stairs to my apartment, I finally settled upon a medium sized pumpkin, which my boyfriend carved into a delightful version of Frankenstein.  Ah so you see, pumpkins really are all they’re cracked up to be… endless hours of entertainment, years of festivity, and countless positive memories all wrapped up in one little word.



  For my day at the pumpkin patch, I thought what could be better than these adorable new overalls from Social Butterflies?  I have been waiting, probably since my first trip to Pete’s farm, for overalls to come back in style and low and behold they are now back! I love Social Butterflies’ black skinny take on this classic style and I just had the most fun in this outfit all day.  I paired it with a cropped t-shirt because it’s been warm here, but for colder weather, you could pair it with a long sleeve or sweater. 

Hope this post inspires a weekend of festivities beyond your childhood imagination!

Overalls & bracelet: C/O Social Butterflies

Boots: AmericanRag/Macy’s

T-shirt: Forever21 (Similar)

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Photos by: Jennifer Biswas