Start Your Week off Bright

October 21, 2013

Los Angeles, CA

While most people stick to coffee as a Monday morning wake up remedy, I have to admit, I’m not really into the ever-popular cup of joe.  I’m sure that will change one day, but as of right now, I have yet to take the plunge over to the caffeinated side.  Now every once and a while I’ll take a swig here and there and I actually do love the delicious flavor (it’s my go-to ice cream flavor).  However, I’m just not a fan of the coffee jitters that come along with its desired morning perk.  Thus, I’m essentially a non-coffee drinker, and so I’ve had to look elsewhere to find that extra early morning energy we all so desperately crave.

look down poss main.jpg

Oh and let’s face it, after a long relaxing weekend, that extra boost is even more essential. Some of my biggest concerns this past weekend included: whether or not to hike the hard side of Runyon Canyon, what kind of champagne to take to my pal’s delicious homemade birthday brunch, and which of my many Boston shirts to choose to wear while cheering on the Sox in game 6 would bring them the best luck?  Don’t worry though, while excruciatingly tough, it appears I made all of the right decisions.   No one complained about the champagne, I’m not sore at all today- a result of taking the easy hiking trail, and most importantly, I’m pretty sure it’s because of little old me and my lucky “Believe in Boston” t-shirt, that the Red Sox are headed to the World Series!

 Yes, I think we can all admit that the carefree, lax, decision making that is oh so acceptable on the weekends, and yet suddenly stripped away, and unacceptable, as soon as Monday rolls around, can be a difficult transition to maneuver.  That’s why, today, I’m looking towards this bright pink and polka-dot number to pull me through and provide me with that extra liveliness that only Ryan Seacrest seems to have been naturally blessed with.  As I’ve mentioned before, bright colors really work to energize and make you feel refreshed and awake- perfect for Monday morning slumps.  This adorable sequened pink sweater from social butterflies pairs well with my polka-dot jeans from H&M keeping the look casual and fun for the start of the week- now that’s a cup I can sip on all day!

great straight on serio.jpg

Sweater: C/O Social Butterflies

Jeans: H&M  

Loafers: Urban Outfitters (Similar) 

Silver ring & bow bracelet: C/O Social Butterflies


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look down cute.jpg
look off smile cute.jpg
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Just can't keep a smile off my face in this little number:)