Mar Vista, CA


People who’ve met me over the past five years would be surprised to know that growing up (and in college AND for years after that) I never really wore jewelry. Today, I wear lots and with everything—yes, I even wear studs and rings to workout. In fact, I keep a stash of earrings at my desk at work and in my car in case I ever forget. 

That’s why I was so excited to discover J.Bubs Jewelry. Not only are the pieces incredibly affordable, but they are a great blend of classic and original. They offer endless options for accessories addicts (like me) and put a chic spin on the traditional. From pearl hoops to dainty layering necklaces to standout studs and more, J.Bubs has something for everyone. Find your favorites and take off 25% with the code KELLY25. Enjoy!


Dainty Necklace: c/o J.Bubs Jewelry

Dress: Reformation

Pearl Hoops: c/o J.Bubs Jewelry

Geo-Hoops: c/o J.Bubs Jewelry

Statement Ring: c/o J.Bubs Jewelry

For dressier days

For dressier days

For casual days

For casual days