Mar Vista, CA


People who’ve met me over the past five years would be surprised to know that growing up (and in college AND for years after that) I never really wore jewelry. Today, I wear lots and with everything—yes, I even wear studs and rings to workout. In fact, I keep a stash of earrings at my desk at work and in my car in case I ever forget. 

That’s why I was so excited to discover J.Bubs Jewelry. Not only are the pieces incredibly affordable, but they are a great blend of classic and original. They offer endless options for accessories addicts (like me) and put a chic spin on the traditional. From pearl hoops to dainty layering necklaces to standout studs and more, J.Bubs has something for everyone. Find your favorites and take off 25% with the code KELLY25. Enjoy!


Dainty Necklace: c/o J.Bubs Jewelry

Dress: Reformation

Pearl Hoops: c/o J.Bubs Jewelry

Geo-Hoops: c/o J.Bubs Jewelry

Statement Ring: c/o J.Bubs Jewelry

For dressier days

For dressier days

For casual days

For casual days



It's in the bag

Mar Vista, CA


While designers are constantly releasing new bag styles, it's worth holding onto the classics, like this saddlebag from Miele Bianco. As someone who makes it a regular habit to edit my closet and toss clothes that I don't wear, there are a few pieces I just can't ever part with. This bag may end up being one of them. Not only is it the perfect size, but like a good blazer, it's a go-to well beyond this season. If you haven't shopped at Miele Bianco before, head over and take 50% off your first purchase with the code HELLO50. 


Bag: c/o Melie Bianco (Take 50% off with code: HELLO50)

Top: Reformation

Jeans: Revolve

Earrings: c/o J Bubs Jewelry

Necklace: c/o J Bubs Jewelry

Spiral Ring: c/o J Bubs Jewelry

Heels: Steve Madden



How to Dress up your workweek with little effort

Santa Monica, CA

Ah yes, it’s that time of year. The time that sends me searching endlessly through my closet and coming up with nothing to wear. I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve already used up all of my outfit creativity this season or if I’m just growing sick of my winter clothes but lately, I’ve been in a bit of a wardrobe slump. I’m not inspired to buy many more winter pieces since spring is right around the corner (wishful thinking, maybe?) and I’ve got my sights set on lighter, brighter things. However, I still want to keep my office style updated.


So what is the solution? Well, I find it’s best to invest in a few sale pieces and reinvent your go-to’s with your favorite accessories. I’m talking new jewelry, mixing in a print, or grabbing an all-season dress that works well for both winter and spring. This Ann Taylor Factory dress is just the answer. Styled with tights and classic accessories here, it can easily shift into April and May with a quick shoe and accessory update. When things warm up, lose the tights, swap in a denim jacket and a pair of strappy shoes for a look that’s as fresh as the flowers that’ll be in bloom.


This post is sponsored by Ann Taylor Factory