Home for the Holidays

New Hampshire

Yesterday, we had Christmas Part 2 at my sister’s house.  I ate so much food that I could barely sleep last night. She’s a great cook and so is her husband— it’s really a deadly (delicious) combination. 

Today, we’re continuing with the food frenzy at my parent’s house, while catching up on movie watching. Yup, things are pretty tough here in New Hampshire.  Aside from eating, drinking and oversleeping you should know that I’ve also been spending more time than expected outdoors.  I wore this button-up skirt and sweater combo for a little afternoon stroll around the neighborhood.  Although it is fifty degrees out, this look still feels very wintry so I added some over the knee boots.  Perfect with this skirt, they also look great with jeans and a long sweater! Oh and how chic is this backpack? I got it for Christmas and I’m loving it. 

Skirt: Forever21

Textured Sweater: Loft

Backpack: Forever21 

Knee Boots: Nordstrom

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Long Weekend & Light Colors.

May 23, 2014

Los Angeles, CA.

great smile side.jpg

Ah yes, it’s MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND!! And that means that we get an extra day to sleep in and avoid the office grind and that is something we can all be excited about, right? BBQ’s, beach days, pool parties, and little weekend getaways are all in order over the next couple of days.  I am headed to a black tie wedding tomorrow, which is sure to be both fancy and fun.   Despite the fact that I stressed a bit about what to wear, I've always thought black tie weddings are really beautiful.  Everyone looks their best, including the happy couple, and it just adds to the elegance of the day.  Eric is a bit of a dancer at weddings and so I’m already preparing myself for the endless amounts of dancing that I’m likely to get into tomorrow night.  I can't wait!

I decided to change it up today with some milkmaid braids (my first attempt at doing them).  They were actually not as hard as I thought, though they definitely could use a little work (maybe my next few attempts will have less flyways!)  Pastels just brighten everything up and I figured this outfit was perfectly airy and fun for a weekend of spring festivities.  I paired the look with some cutout heels from Ruche, giving it a bit of a dressed-up look, perfect for a nice brunch but you can certainly throw on some flats to dress this down for a daytime BBQ.  I’m not sure if it was because I had my hair up or because of the flowy skirt/tight top combo felt similar to a leotard and ballet skirt, but I got back into my old roots a bit and felt like a dancer again today!

I’ve included all of these pieces below and also some similar looks as well.  The best part about this look is that the whole thing is under $100 AND since it’s memorial day, all of these stores are having great sales so head over to the site this weekend and you can get this look for even less!

Have a happy and safe holiday!

cool outfit pic.jpg

Kelly's Under $100 Look:

Sweetheart Floral Top: $7.80 Forever21

Mint Skirt: $17.80 Forever21

Bracelet: (Comes in a set) $24.00 Free People

Cutout Heels: $41.00 Ruche (SIMILAR)

Floral stud earrings: $4.80 Forever21 

Total: $95.40

hand on face good.jpg
fun med smile shot.jpg
over shoulder full length.jpg
med shot.jpg
good shot.jpg
full look down.jpg

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Photos by: Courtney Locks


April 16, 2014

La Brea Blvd. Los Angeles, CA.

poss main.jpg

I live across the hall from one of my closest friends and it's nothing short of a treat. On rare days when we are both free- we walk to our go-to breakfast or juice spot, at night we chat about our day over a glass of wine, and sometimes she even drags me to a workout class or two.  It’s our very own version of Friends over here!  Often leaving our door wide open to chat across to one another as we work, stopping by each others place to grab last minute opinions on outfits, and kitchen ingredients, I am reminded almost daily, about how grateful I am to have her across the hall. 

When I first moved into my own apartment, a friend of mine, who’s a little older, wiser, and also now married with a family, told me cherish the days of having my own space.  She gave me the best advice:  “Decorate as girly as possible and stay up late with your girlfriends at least once a week.”  Anyone who’s been to my place knows that I have the first box covered and thanks to Courtney- my across the hall neighbor/friend - I’ve got the second one covered as well. 

This morning we took a stroll to our favorite breakfast spot, Twist, and Courtney snapped a few of these outfit photos for me out our way.  I cherish our carefree days together.

With all the Coachella talk that’s been going on over here, I’ve found myself inspired a bit by the festival style and added this turquoise fringe necklace from Urban Peach to my flared denim dress by Urban Outfitters.  It’s on sale right now so grab one!  Oh and I added a pop of color to my outfit with my pastel nails from essi’s spring collection- such great colors right now!


Necklace: Urban Peach

Dress: Urban Outfitters

Sandals: ShoeMint

Bracelet: Mickey's Girl

med no smile.jpg
smile dn pockets.jpg
great smile med shot pockets.jpg
full no smile no pockets.jpg

"Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light." -Helen Keller

Photos taken by: Courtney Locks