Home for the Holidays

New Hampshire

Yesterday, we had Christmas Part 2 at my sister’s house.  I ate so much food that I could barely sleep last night. She’s a great cook and so is her husband— it’s really a deadly (delicious) combination. 

Today, we’re continuing with the food frenzy at my parent’s house, while catching up on movie watching. Yup, things are pretty tough here in New Hampshire.  Aside from eating, drinking and oversleeping you should know that I’ve also been spending more time than expected outdoors.  I wore this button-up skirt and sweater combo for a little afternoon stroll around the neighborhood.  Although it is fifty degrees out, this look still feels very wintry so I added some over the knee boots.  Perfect with this skirt, they also look great with jeans and a long sweater! Oh and how chic is this backpack? I got it for Christmas and I’m loving it. 

Skirt: Forever21

Textured Sweater: Loft

Backpack: Forever21 

Knee Boots: Nordstrom

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