Un-Boring Office Attire

Marina del Rey, CA


Who says you can't have fun with your workday style? It could be that the phrase "office appropriate" usually corresponds with neutral colors and Plain Jane silhouettes. But after spending several years in a wide range of office environments: fashion-forward, corporate, ultra-casual, and even techy, I've learned that this idea couldn't be farther from the truth. While I certainly do alter my look to fit the office vibe (I wear a lot fewer heels working in tech than I did in my fashion company days) I've discovered that professional wear and fresh, exciting outfits are not mutually exclusive. 


I don't mean that you should waltz into work wearing a cropped tee or tube top, and there are definitely a few good rules follow, like avoiding shorter hemlines and opting for tailored pieces. I personally love finding traditionally conservative silhouettes that have been reimagined with bold prints and fun pops of color. And no matter what the tone of my office, these styles are always warmly welcomed. For summer, this means going for jumpsuits and rompers over basic trousers. And in winter, it's layering with great sweaters and of-the-moment jackets.

This romper from Banana Republic Factory is on sale now and is just bright enough to turn a few heads.  I love it paired with beaded hoops or tassel earrings to give it an extra kick. Its just the thing you need to keep your office outfit rotation interesting. And if this one isn't quite your style, I've got you covered with more of my favorite one-piece styles below. 

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