Maui, Hawaii

Last week I went to Hawaii for the first time! And aside from the infinity pools, crushed ice and ultra-clear ocean, this place was a dream in so many ways I never even imagined. I won’t get into all the reasons why I loved it ( I mean, you would have to be loco not to like it, right?)  but I will say if you find yourself visiting Maui in the near future these are the must-sees:

  • Mama’s Fish House for dinner
  • Trilogy boat/ sail to Lanai for the day
  • The Road to Hana/Black Sand Beach

Everything in Hawaii is lovely. From the people to the food to the weather, it’s the best place to truly escape.

I love this rainbow splashed maxi dress from Anthropologie because it reminds me of my carefree days on the island. From snow cones to the state license plate, Hawaii is perfectly bright, vibrant and represented by this happy symbol.

Ah, I love it there…

Dress: Anthropologie

Sandals: Madewell

Necklace: c/o Charming Charlie