Los Angeles, CA


Hitting the bars with your hometown pals the night before Thanksgiving? Well you're not alone. Apparently it's the biggest bar night of the year. And while I usually skip the pub crawl so that I can enjoy my stuffing sans a hangover, this year I am meeting up with some of my fam in the city- wish me luck!

I always have a bit of trouble transitioning from west to east coast with outfits. It takes me a day to remember what winter dressing in cold weather is all about. However, I think I can pull off this breezy look with the addition of a scarf, hat, cropped jacket and gloves... you know, just a few hundred layers. And since this night could call for a lot of bouncing around to meet up with people at various places, I definitely try to dress comfy. Whether it’s jeans, leggings, a skirt or a dress, I go for something that is easy and dance-friendly. 

If you decide to wear jeans or leggings, then go for a bit more detail with your top.  I love this burgundy cropped number because the open back is equally as chic as the front. Top off the look with a cute pair of booties and you'll be good to go!


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