Westwood, CA


If you've looked at Nordstrom or Topshop lately , one thing is immediately clear: they both have really good outerwear right now, and much of it is selling out FAST.  We live in a time when high-quality jackets and coats can cost you upwards of $1000, so given that most of their options are under $300, it comes as no surprise that fashion girls are heading to both stores to stock up on blazers, jackets, trench coats right now  (at least I am!) 


This year, if you want something besides a plain peacoat (although, they've got plenty of those too), you're in luck. I immediately fell in love with this plaid beauty from Topshop because of the tie sleeve details. I stopped by the store with a few coworkers on my lunch break with NO intentions of buying a jacket and we were all sold on it right away... I blame the bows!  This season, there's something for everyone. I saw a coat that resembles your childhood teddy bear (in a good way), there are pretty pink parkas, a stunning emerald-green topcoats, and so much more. Invest in one that you love and you'll be smiling (even when temps hit negative 2!)


Jeans: c/o AG

Jacket: TOPSHOP/Found at Nordstrom

Mules (ON SALE NOW): Urban Outfitters

Handbag: Urban Outfitters