Get Some Flare

Glendale, CA

Oh skinny jeans! They go with just about everything—from dressy blazers to oversized tees. They’ve been my go-to for years now but I have to say, when I first saw skinnies, I hesitated to slip into a pair. They were just so uncomfortable compared to the baggy 90’s variety I had grown to love. But, times change and so do styles (thankfully).  

This season, slimmer-cuts are taking a bit of a back seat because flared jeans are back! Yup, the seventies-inspired bell-bottomed variety.  Designers paraded them up and down the spring runways and so it’s time to start incorporating them into your wardrobe. I know, I know, it can be a bit intimidating at first but as long as you wear them with a good set of heels or booties, you’re golden.  Oh and I also recommend finding a pair with a high-waisted silhouette. It helps to create that curvy waist, long-legged look—I’ll take that please! 

I went for an ultra-casual look today and paired my flared denim with a striped tie-top from Forever 21. But you can find flares in any fabric, to work for any occasion—work, play, day or night! Uh oh skinnies, did you hear that?  Sounds like you might be getting replaced!


High Waisted Flare Jeans: Forever 21

Layer Necklace: Forever 21

Bracelet: Madewell (similar)

Crossbody: Forever 21

Striped Tie-Top: Forever 21 (similar)

Photos By: Lynne Hsieh

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