Spring Heat.

May 15, 2014

Los Angeles, CA.

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It’s 101 degrees today in Los Angeles and probably a steamy 125 degrees in my third story un-air-conditioned apartment- YIKES!  We are in the height of a spring heat wave over here and the dry, stifling, desert-like heat is on the forefront of most every Los Angelino’s mind today.  We’re all just trying to stay cool- especially those of us who are silly enough to live without AC.

What I love about the weather is that it can cause us to change up our usual routine or break our everyday, sometimes mundane daily habits. Last night in an effort to avoid cooking (too much additional heat) or spending more time in my steamy apartment than was absolutely necessary, I decided to venture out and grab a little sushi dinner by myself.  It’s something I haven’t done in a while but I’ve forgotten how relaxing it can be.  Instead of being totally engaged in conversation the whole time, I took a moment to really enjoy my chilled rose and fresh sushi.  I walked home in the warm, windy air, noticed how busy the streets were for a late Wednesday night, and had a little moment of feeling proudly independent (like I do when I fly alone or file my taxes).

Courntey and I have made some fresh raspberry and blueberry lemonade- can’t get much sweeter than that- to make today’s heat a bit more bearable.  It’s funny but I never go for lemonade until it’s really hot outside- I wonder why that is?  This outfit is bright, fun, and light- keeping with the current temps.  I paired this black and white tank from Melrose Trading Post (one of my favorite places to find unique and inexpensive finds in LA) with these adorable high-waisted green shorts from Forever21.  I finished off the look with my favorite coral sandals from Ruche (I have included some of their similar sandals below).  When the weather is warm, I love keeping it simple with flats- but I love that these are still able to give the outfit that extra pop of color and charm I’m looking for today.

mouth only.jpg

Sandals: Ruche (Similar)

Shorts: Forever21 (Similar)

Sunglasses: Forever21

Tank: Melrose Trading Post

Earrings: Forever21

side glasses look.jpg
sunglasses cu.jpg
Blue steele med shot.jpg
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Photos taken by: Courtney Locks