Mum's the Word.

May 13, 2014

Los Angeles, CA.

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Once again, I have my Mum to thank for the majority of today’s outfit.  In an incredibly thoughtful little care package, she’s managed to pull off a look that is wonderfully me.  While there is certainly no one on the planet that knows me better than her, I am always still amazed when she’s able to find clothing that is so classically me.  It may be because I talk to her on the phone more times a day than is probably healthy to speak to anyone, or because I tell her everything that is going on in my world- what I currently find interesting, the latest trends, what restaurants I’ve been enjoying lately- and because she is and perhaps will always be, my number one fan on this little fashion blog, I guess it makes perfect sense that she would be up on my sense of style, but still she always amazes me. 

Even though I’m too often miles apart from my Mum in distance, I feel so lucky to have someone as wonderfully thoughtful, caring, and loving as her to call on every day.  There is no one like her and I am thankful for her each and every day that I get to pick up the phone and hear her smiling  voice on the other end.  So while it’s a couple days late, I’m keeping the spirit of Mother’s Day alive this morning.  Here’s to you Mum for all the care packages, dance parties, FaceTime dates, late night phone calls, unwavering support, and love you’ve always given me.  You are the very best.

My mum sent over this adorable light denim dress and coral boho necklace, both from Forever21.   Denim dresses are absolutely essential for this season and this one is great because it is so lightweight (and also light in color) that it’s perfect for a hot day like today.  However, there are also a ton of other options that you should check out that I’ve included at the end of this post so be sure to do that!  I decided to let my hair air-dry today so apologies for the mess but as I mentioned, it’s become quite warm over in LA again and so using a hairdryer in my non-air conditioned abode was not feeling like an option this morning.  I finished this airy outfit off with some chocolate wedges from Steve Madden which I got for half the price at Marshalls and also an adorable clutch with nautical stripes from the GAP. Oh and guess what? The outfit is juust a hair short of fitting into my Under $100 Look so I put it in there anyways!

Hope you all had a Happy Mother’s Day!

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Juuuust Over Kelly’s  $100 Look:

Dress: $22.80 Forever21 (SIMILAR)

Clutch: $39.95 GAP

Belt: $5.00 Melrose Trading Post

Sandals: $34.99 Steve Madden via Marshalls

Necklace: $9.80 Forever21

Close enough right?

TOTAL:  $112.54


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Photos taken by: Courtney Locks