Just Go with It.

February 13, 2014

Hancock Park, CA

It’s February, and while we’re still in the thick of winter, and snow is beginning to pile high in most parts of the country, it was 80 degrees today in LA.  I mean, if I had a pool, I’d be laying out right now, that’s the kind of weather I’m talking about here.  And while I had all intentions of wearing a totally different, much cozier, and seasonally appropriate outfit today, I’m not sure whether the glare from the bright sunshine or my glistening sweat would’ve made those photos more distracting.  Either way, I decided to be true to my current spring-like climate.  I threw on this breezy, mint polka-dot dress from Maison Jones and took a walk over to some of the beautiful gardens in Hancock Park.


By the way, do you notice that when the weather gets beautiful, everyone seems to be in a better mood?  I feel like people were just a tiny bit happier everywhere I went today and I, personally, couldn’t stop laughing during the whole shoot this afternoon.  My photographer, Jennifer, kept cracking jokes and we just couldn’t keep it together. Oh and the best part is that these photos are right in front of someone’s beautiful home (sometimes you have to do weird things when taking photos) and she came home in the middle of the shoot, stared at us for a second, and then went along with her business inside the house… sending us into yet another fit of laughter!  Probably not the most mature moment of our lives but I’m going to go ahead and blame it on the sun.

side laugh.jpg
front laugh .jpg

Oh and speaking of getting into hilarious shenanigans with your friends, did you guys know that today is officially called Galentines Day?!  When I learned this, I was basically thrilled and embarrassed at the same time.  Not only am I not the only gal who enjoys taking a moment to celebrate her girlfriends around Valentines Day, but in fact, there is an actual HOLIDAY dedicated to it.  And here I was thinking all this time that I was so clever, dedicated an entire blog post talking about the idea, and low and behold, there is a GALENINTES DAY (by the way how creative is that name?- AMAZING) invented for this very thing. Ha! At least now I’m in the loop… and so are you guys- unless you already knew but didn’t tell me (how rude).

I just got this retro-inspired dress and it’s perfect because it combines everything I love: polka-dots, mint, flare and it feels oh so girly.  I hope that this outfit today inspires you to get excited about spring and all the sunshine that we have to look forward to.  And don’t worry snow-bunnies- I’ll be back in Boston next week, where it’s sure to be chilly and cold too!

bottom skirt only.jpg
walking hips.jpg
smile good.jpg
look off use.jpg
cool side .jpg
blowing bubbles.jpg

The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter. – Mark Twain


Photos by: Jennifer Biswas