February 10, 2014

Los Angeles, CA

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Well, Valentines Day is just a couple days away and this year it falls on a Friday-yikes! That means in all likelihood you are going to have do something with your night.  Well I guess you don’t HAVE to, but why not do something?  If you have a date then lovely, but if not- I say, spend time with your friends who you probably love more than that random person you met on Tinder last month anyway (seriously though).  Have a girl’s night out and get all dressed with your best ladies OR stay in and watch movies and eat delicious homemade food.   Don’t get me wrong I am thrilled to have an amazing Valentine nowadays, but it’s taken me a really long time to find him and if I’ve learned anything in my many years of dating before Eric, it’s that if the guy is not AMAZING- it’s always more fun to have a girls night.

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That being said, since a lot of us won’t be available on Friday and we have a tradition of doing a dinner around Valentines Day, my girlfriends and I are all headed out to our favorite Mexican spot tonight.  It’s BYOB and it is always an absolute blast.  As important as it is to foster a romantic relationship, I think it’s also necessary to take time to appreciate the girls in your life who are also there to make all your days brighter.

I love this floral dress from H&M for a winter date night.  It's affordable, romantic, and it just may the perfect dress for your Friday night festivities. If you follow me on Pinterest, you may have noticed that I have developed a bit of a new obsession with florals and so it probably doesn't come as much of a surprise that this is one of my favorite picks for Valentines Day. 

I hope you all have a lovely night!




Dress: H&M

Booties: ALDO (Similar)

Clutch: Borrowed from my friend Jennifer (she got it in India)

Tights: Forever21

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"Friends are the family you choose" - Jess C. Scott

Photos by: Jennifer Biswas