Sugar Rush.

January 31, 2014

Beverly Hills, CA

I like to think of myself as a bit of a candy connoisseur of sorts.  Having had many years (I’m talking my whole life) of testing out some of the most unique types and flavors of candy, while seeking out the largest, most sought after candy stores in the country, I’ve been known to sacrifice a dinner or two to save room for sweets (I’m just that dedicated).  I stop at every gumball machine I pass, I keep a nice, large, healthy candy jar in my kitchen, and I eat candy almost every day (sorry dentist-man!)  It’s actually one of those things I though I would eventually grow out of- but never did.


The thing I’ve always found fascinating about holiday treats, is that they are only available (except for at the random specialty candy stores that have them year-round) during the month or so surrounding that holiday and so if there are certain kinds that you love- you better stock up!  I personally think Valentines Day wins for the holiday with the best candy.  What’s better than a hear-shaped semi-tasteless/semi-sweet treat that says “DATE ME” on it? In my opinion, not much! Therefore, I’ve been loading up on candy hearts and heart-shaped candy of all kinds for the past two weeks! I don’t think it’s ever too early and I also don’t think it’s too early to get in the sweet Valentine spirit.  While a lot of people can argue that Valentines Day is for the birds, not many people can say that wearing hearts and eating delicious candy isn’t great… right? So start early I say!

This V-Day inspired outfit is fun, casual and perfect for a fun Friday afternoon.  As you can see, I’m on a bit of a sugar high- partly from a candy overload and partly because I’m thrilled to be heading off to San Diego tomorrow for a girls weekend getaway.  Some serious R&R, catching up, & fun is waiting to be had… Is it Saturday yet? 

Hope you all have a wonderfully sweet weekend! 

good full striaght face.jpg

Shirt: Marshalls/ French Connection (Similar)

Jeans: Forever21 (Similar)

Booties: H&M

Beanie: Forever 21

med shot.jpg
down hat.jpg
med smile up GOOD.jpg
look off.jpg
full length.jpg
standard look down.jpg
side profile.jpg


Photos By: Jennifer Biswas