January 28, 2014

Beverly Hills, CA

We’ve already established that I’m not much of a morning person at some point here on the blog by now… right?  Well, that being said, while most mornings take me a few extra taps of the snooze button than your average lady, today was just one of those days where one quickly turned into five taps.  Perhaps it was all the birthday partying I did over the weekend or the fact that my old age is finally catching up to me (ha!)- who knows? All I know, is I could’ve kept hitting snooze for days!

Even knowing how much I had on my plate for the day, I simply wanted to roll back over, curl up underneath my five pillows (yes I sleep with a ton of pillows-it’s an art form, making a comfortable bed) and call it a day. 

laugh off.jpg

But alas- after about 20 minutes of snoozing and what felt like four long dreams later, I finally got myself together and started the day.  However, I still couldn’t seem to wake myself from my morning dreamy fog and so that inspired today’s casual look.  My goal was to look presentably cozy and I think this outfit achieves just that.  Anything that I can wear after literally rolling out of bed, yet still passes me off as a decently fashionable human, is fantastic in my book and that’s what this outfit does.  Plaids are everywhere right now- which I LOVE and this oversized plaid shirt from H&M is just about the coziest thing I own right now.  I paired it with some thick tights, (and you can see it passes off as a dress) and a longer grey sweater for some layering but you could also put some leggings with it or even some jeans too.  

Some days, there's no use fighting how you feel- you just have to use the energy you have and make it work!


Knit Top: H&M

Necklace: Ruche

Booties: H&M 

Tights & Purse: Forever21

Sweater: Ross

Earrings: Kate Spade (bday gift!)

paps shot.jpg
cool 2.jpg
smile full.jpg
d in the r.jpg

Photos by: Jennifer Biswas