Mix & Match.

January 23, 2014

La Brea Tar Pits, Los Angeles, CA

YB Face on.jpg
GRGR wrap.jpg

Today I’ve decided to mix things up a bit- why not, right?  Instead of showing just one finished outfit like I usually do, I’ve decided to mix and match different accessories with the same long-sleeved grey dress I just got from H&M, which by the way, was only $14.95 (you know I can’t get enough of a great deal!) and you can quickly see that by adding or removing one or two of the garments, it really changes the entire look of the outfit.  You’ll also notice that this dress can quickly be made appropriate for colder or less chilly winter days.  I absolutely love staple pieces like this dress.  It can be transitioned from winter, spring, fall and summer when accessorized appropriately and who doesn’t love being able to make the same affordable dress feel new again and again? 

Look #1: The BASIC DRESS

BASIC dress1.jpg
BASIC behinddress.jpg

Dress: H&M

Tights: Forever21

Booties: H&M 

I wanted you guys to be able to see the silloute of the dress before I layered it.  As you can see, it’s still got enough of a shape to it to carry itself as it is, especially if it’s a warmer day.  The shape of the dress is also quite flattering.  The deep V-neck back is an additional little perk they’ve added to this dress.  But because it is so plain, it allows itself to be molded and that is what is so great about a dress like this.

legs only.jpg

Look #2: Add a Cozy Scarf

GRGR cozy.jpg
GRGR straight on.jpg

If it’s a chilly day, add a bit of color and feel cozy all day, by adding an infinity scarf like this one.  I adore infinity scarves because you just throw them on and they always look cute! Check out how this adds to the look!

Look #3: Layer the Outfit & Add Color

YB smile close.jpg

Top: H&M

Necklace: Forever21

YB hand up.jpg

What I really love about this dress, and it’s surprising because it’s so affordable, but it really holds its shape.  I love how the bottom of the dress is able to keep a healthy dose of flare without falling too flat.  That makes the dress perfect for layering.  In this case, I chose to add a bright yellow short-sleeved cropped sweater.  This winter, adding bright colors to your ensemble is encouraged and so I tested it out here.  Similarly, you could also do this with a sweater and the dress quickly becomes a skirt.  In addition to the top, I also added a pop of color with the blue necklace that pairs perfectly with the yellow. 

Look #4: Putting it all Together

YSD CU Look off at sky USE.jpg

Dress: H&M

Top: H&M

Tights: Forever21

Scarf: Anthropologie

Booties: H&M

This final look takes the scarf, top, and dress and layers them all together, making for a colorful but warmer outfit- meant for those colder winter days. 

smile full length YSD.jpg
med shot cool YSD.jpg
look down cute YSD.jpg
cu ysd look off smile.jpg
cute YSD USE.jpg
arms around neck YSD.jpg

I hope this inspires you guys to find new and exciting ways to style your staple pieces and keep an eye out for the ones that may serve you well in the future.





Photos by: Jennifer Biswas