Patriots Aftermath.

January 20, 2014

Los Angeles, CA


Ok well first off- I have to address the elephant in the room (would it be “elephant on the screen?”) Anyways, I’m sure the big question on all your minds right now is, of course, what my thoughts are on yesterdays Patriots game.  Am I right?  Well guys, the simple answer is, while it was certainly rough one (I’m talking ROUGH), I’m still proud of them for making it so far this year.  Oh and ya know what I also appreciated?  Even though they lost, Tom Brady still wore quite the eye-catching suit in the post-game interview. I mean, that could’ve been a really somber and depressing press conference, and maybe it was, but I was totally distracted by his fashionable attire the whole time so I couldn’t even tell you if it was or not!  All I know is that I am already looking forward to another season of Tom Brady and his post-game press conference attire.

main shot .jpg

Although they say it’s winter (and I’ve been trying my best to dress accordingly) it’s just about as wintery as a day at the beach for me today here in Southern California.  I have some family in town from back east and they have assured me that it is freezing back home and so we made sure to enjoy the long weekend over at the beach.  That’s right- I’m talking bathing suit weather.  We went for ice cream, woke up to take early morning strolls on the beach, played a few rounds of ski-ball at the arcade and- I even saw a few seals yesterday!  Having family in town is amazing and somehow, no matter how much time we spend together, it never seems to be enough.

I chose this bright and airy outfit for today’s lunch down at Enterprise Fish Co. before I have to drop my cousin at the airport.  I’ve always been too scared to wear these high-waisted flowy pants because they can be a bit unforgiving, but I figured what the heck- It’s 80 in January, I’m going to take a risk!   They’re really comfortable- it’s like wearing PJ’s- and if you pair them with some heels or booties like I did here, you can dress the outfit up a lot. 

Happy MLK Day! 

full body.jpg

Cropped Sweater: Forever21

Pants: Forever21 (SIMILAR)

Booties: ALDO

Necklace: Forever21

poss main.jpg
pants 2.jpg
look down.jpg
look off.jpg

Photos by: Jennifer Biswas