November 9, 2013

LAX--->BOS & Back. 

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I had every intention of blogging on my six-hour redeye back to Boston last Wednesday night… But instead, I had a glass of wine and chatted the night/morning away with a very interesting Boston lady about life, love, and happiness.  

While grateful to have added a couple more must-reads to the ever growing list of books I someday must find time to read, I accomplished very little (nothing) on the blog front.  Oh, and I also didn't get a wink of sleep.  To be honest though, this delusional, wired, up all night look is becoming my go to of sorts upon my arrival (I have a lucky boyfriend huh?).  I hop off the plane, looking like I belong on an episode of The Walking Dead, and I usually crack a couple of strange jokes that only a delusional person running off no sleep would find amusing--it’s quite a scene.  Then every time I land, I vow to never take the redeye again, but the next time I book a flight, the thought of wasting a day flying quickly erases any memories of my zombie-like behavior and so I repeat the cycle all over again.  It’s quite comical really, but also counter productive.

Then the excitement of getting ready for Halloween took precedent as Eric and I whipped together a fun little couples costume- Johnny Cash and June Carter.  I wanted to be able to wear this gorgeous vintage dress my friend gave to me and I figured this would be a great opportunity!  We ventured around the streets of Boston, went out to dinner in costume, hit up a couple MIT parties, and I ate about nine Reese’s cups by the end of the night.

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The weather this past weekend in Boston was simply outstanding!  It was in the sixties, and for late October, I think that’s something to write about.  It’s truly fall in New England, so that means the trees are all shades of reds, yellows, and oranges- which is something I’ve grown to appreciate now that I don’t get to see much of it anymore.  Therefore, we took the long way on our walk to lunch through Harvard Square, enjoying every minute of it.  It’s likely that next time I’m back, it’ll be blisteringly cold and color will be stripped from all the big beautiful trees that line the streets. 


This look today is one of my go-to airport outfits.  When transitioning between Boston and Los Angeles, it’s important to be able to wear clothing that will transition well between the warmer and cooler climates.  Also, this outfit is comfortable enough to be able to survive a lengthy flight with ease and also stylish enough and be able to head to a lunch or dinner without having to change.  Not to mention, this look is very affordable!  I hit up Marshalls before my trip and found this scarf, shirt and purse- you really can’t go wrong when you’re spending twenty bucks on a purse that’s this cute can you?

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Have a lovely weekend everyone!       

Oh yeah and I almost forgot… CONGRATS RED SOX!!!!