Orange is the New Black.

October 29, 2013

Hauser Blvd. Los Angeles, CA

Last night I finally finished what has become one of my favorite shows (yes I realize that I’m late in the game but go with it), the fantastically bold and frighteningly dark Orange is the New Black, and I have to say I can’t wait for next season to sta- BOO!

Did I get ya? Are you guys scared?  Were you afraid a ghost had momentarily taken over my keyboard for a second there?

look up dreaming pos main_edited-1.jpg

Have no fear! It was only just little old me being silly. (You can come out from hiding behind your keyboards now;) And while I can make a kindergarten level Halloween joke, similar to the type I just pulled in the paragraph above, for days, I have to admit, that’s about as tough as I get.  I have an incredibly low tolerance for fright.  It’s almost comical.  In fact, if they came across my bedroom in Monsters Inc., they would’ve bottled up enough of my scream to fuel the city for the rest of time!  (If you don’t know that movie- you should watch it immediately).

That being said, things that jump out at me, scary movies, cars that startle me on the road, loud noises, couples that argue publically at restaurants, TV crime dramas, and bar fights, are just a few scenarios that cause my heart rate to skyrocket into panic mode. 

Bottom line: I’m easily frightened and there’s nothing fun about it!

better smile cu_edited-1.jpg

Therefore, while I truly think there aren’t many things on the planet that sound better than being able to spend an entire night dressed up as anyone or anything you want, while eating a pumpkin-head bucket full of free candy, I also know that Halloween is associated with haunted houses, fright nights, graveyards, bloody costumes, and everything scary.  What a dilemma! Therefore, since my earliest years of trick-or-treating, I have tried to navigate Halloween by excluding the spooky parts and hanging on the costumes and the treats.  To this day, I have never been on one of those haunted hayrides, I even risked my reputation in high school by staying home on a Friday night and refusing to go out to the local Haunted Mansion (no thanks!) Oh and I was always the only one that sat outside the puny little Haunted House at Canobie Lake Park (which I hear was more comical than scary) while my cousins went inside year after year.  The funny thing is that I never outgrew it!  I still avoided the scary house (with all the amazing decorations and characters that pop out at you) when I was probably too old to even be trick-or-treating anymore!  Oh and my landlord has decorated my apartment building, with what I would like to  call extreme Halloween decorations that still startle me on my way out the door in the morning.  I have been avoiding the bat-filled elevator all month!

So there you have it.  I have a love-hate relationship with Halloween.  

Today, I literally threw this Halloween inspired outfit together in a hurry.  I got this adorable orange dress off the clearance rack at Target last month and paired it with some classic black tights, my Forever21 boots, these beautiful handmade cat ears from Social Butterflies and suddenly my day is so much more exciting!  My look today is certainly just a canvas.  You could add some make-up and a belt to make this look really pop! 

Just wanted to show how a few basic pieces can quickly help to get you into the Halloween spirit.  It’s important to know that even if you don’t have the time or money to spend getting decked out in a costume this year, you can still spice up your day with pieces you probably already have in your closet.  It will make your workday fly by and it will help you battle all those scary things in the world!

really cute full lengther.jpg
another look up close up.jpg
cu look off.jpg
med shot.jpg

Someone needs a manicure;) 

Photos by: Jennifer Biswas