Downtown Los Angeles


At this point, I think we can all agree that yoga pants are a wardrobe essential. Whether we're wearing them to yoga class or the coffee shop, we need them. For a while though, I pretty much assumed that workout gear was among the list of throwaway items not worth investing in (kind of like oversized night tee shirts). Yup, I was the girl wearing high school tees and shorts from my cheerleading days to the gym and god knows those were OLD. But over more recent years, I have been introduced to high-quality workout attire and it has really changed my world.

Not only does it motivate me to get my bod into classes more often, but it has actually made my workouts a lot more productive.


This camo set from the Hero Collection at Carbon 38 is silky soft and lightweight, making hot yoga and sweaty gym sessions feel a bit more tolerable. I feel ready to take on even the most challenging of hikes and (lately) even runs in this set. I love the sheer details and pleated waistline (almost as much as I love eating pasta!)  Can't be healthy all the time, right?


Bra: c/o Carbon 38

Crop legging: c/o Carbon 38

Hoodie: Old Navy

Sneakers: Nike




get it right, get it...

West Hollywood, CA

One of my New Year's resolutions was to develop a more structured fitness routine. Well January (and February) came and went and so did that lofty goal. Between endless workdays and chillier temps, I always found a way to avoid working out. 

But the streak is over guys, I just joined a new yoga studio and I even set up a running schedule (seriously) so  I am DOING this. As a little extra motivation, I also restocked my workout wardrobe with some brand new essentials. Check out all my favorites below!

What’s your workout of choice? I’ve been tempted to try out a spinning class but I don't know where to start. For me, barre and yoga classes are ideal for toning and strengthening. If you guys have any others that you love, let me know!

Sports Bra: Forever 21

Tank: LOFT/ Lou & Grey

Leggings: Forever 21