Back to Life. Back to Reality.

September 4, 2013

Santa Monica, CA

serious straight on MAIN possibly.jpg

Well, it’s official, school is back in full swing, summer vacations are no longer an acceptable excuse to dip out of the office early, and I have had Soul II Soul’s “Back to Life Back to Reality” on replay in my mind since my boyfriend moved back to Boston on Friday to finish up his last year of MBA school.  Ah yes, it’s a fact guys: Labor Day signifies the official end of summer so replace your whites with blacks because it’s about to get chilly (well in most parts of the U.S.) pretty soon.  Bahumbug right?  I agree.  Call me Mrs. Grinch, but Labor Day is definitely not my favorite holiday.  Now it’s quite possible that I’ve actually inherited these post-Labor Day blues from my Mom, who had summers off as a teacher and dreaded heading back to school just as much as me as a kid, or perhaps I just have a hard time letting a great thing go.  Don’t we all? Either way you spin it, change is a comin’... and just like my Mom, who wholeheartedly celebrates every season (even the Fall her least favorite), I’ve decided to embrace it!

While we all can agree that it’s certainly tough to get back to the daily grind, the long distance phone calls, and the heavy layers of clothing, I’ve come to realize that while change is difficult, it is also quite exciting.  Over the past couple of years living on my own, I’ve learned that while it’s much easier than taking a risk or trying something new, perhaps even uncomfortable, complacency will only get you so far. 

So really, it’s time to  do exactly what my little anthem says and get back to life, back to reality, because I’ve got too much to accomplish and it simply can’t all be done while daydreaming by the pool.

I chose this fun yellow striped dress from Ruche today because although it is still in the 90's here in Los Angeles, I still wanted to have a touch of fall in my look (in honor of all y’all who are headed back to school this week). This dress is great because it's light and airy enough to endure the heat but classic enough to wear just about anywhere! I paired it with this colorful necklace  from Jewelmint and voila- ready for the day!  

Here’s to looking forward to the great new season ahead, to football games, cozy fireplaces, and pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING. Here’s to hardwork, success and failure, and everything wonderful that only change can bring!

full body.jpg

Dress: Ruche

Necklace: Jewelmint

Belt: H&M

Heels: Aldo (SIMILAR) 


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