Los Angeles, CA


It’s been a while!  A lot has happened in my world but who cares about that.  Really, all you need to know is that it’s finally starting to feel a bit like fall in LA.  Exciting news? Yes. Because we dress for the seasons around here and it can get pretty unbearable to wear plaids and pants in 90 degree heat.  There is no telling how long this cool-down will last and frankly I’m using that term generously, it’s still in the mid 70’s… but here’s to hoping!

For these months that are cool but not cold, and warm but not steamy, I look to transitional pieces.  This feminine blazer from J.Crew is exactly that. It’s perfect for pulling any look together, any season.  Great with ripped jeans, a baseball hat, a floral dress or in my case today, shorts—a fitted blazer is really girl’s best friend. And this one gets fancy with a pre-popped collar.  I paired it with searsucker shorts, a pink blouse and some riding boots.  I actually had to borrow these boots at the last minute because I forgot mine! Luckily my photographer, Shara, had a pair lying around. 

Switch in a pair of heels and this is the easiest outfit to wear to work, while still looking appropriate. I guess that’s the power of a good blazer. Insta-classic!

Regent Blazer: J. Crew

Top: c/o Charming Charlie

Shorts: H&M (Similar) 

Bracelet: Madewell (Similar here)

Riding Boots: Nordstrom

Med Shot.jpg

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Photos By: Shara Cooper

Party Pants

March 20, 2015


It’s Friday--dress accordingly!

My sister sent me these colorful trouser pants for my birthday back in January and they have quickly become a workweek staple. As comfy as my favorite pair of sweats, they also manage to pull off a fun professional vibe. What’s better than that? Any trend that blends cozy and chic is one that I am certainly on board with and these pants certainly qualify. The vibrant print makes pairing and styling easy.  I kept the top very simple with a basic fitted black tee and added blazer to throw on for meetings and moments I where I wanted to look a bit more polished throughout the day. 

Eye-catching yet totally casual, this look is the perfect way to wrap up the workweek.

Oh and I love this electrical box that has been transformed into a mini chalk board. A mysterious someone gives it a weekly update and while I'd love to know who it is, the mystery of it all makes it all the more exciting.  Whimsical, inspirational but usually just down right silly, these quotes always put a smile on my face.

Happy Weekend Everyone.  Go ahead-put your party pants on and rock out with your unique self!


Loose Fit Trouser Pants: H&M (exact) 

Cropped Top: Forever21 

Booties: Chinese Laundry 

Blazer: Urban Outfitters (Similar)

Olive Satchel: c/o Charming Charlie 

serio straight on.jpg

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Photos By: Hina Abdullah