Another French Friday.

July 25, 2014

St. Jean Cap Ferrat, France.

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Just when you thought I might be getting over my obsession with Europe, more specifically, France, I’m back with another post from the loveliest place, Cap Ferrat. But trust me there’s oh so much more to see!

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 Paloma Beach was one of the many highlights of my stay in France.  I spent a couple days there, enjoying the spectacular views of tall mountains tumbling into the sea.  The water was warm, clear, and calm- a perfect combo for swimming.   Compared to the freezing water back east and the rough water in California, this was a real treat.  Also, the high salinity of the water made me feel like I could float all the way over to Italy!

 Exquisite French villas lined the streets of this tranquil town.  I loved the bright colors of the homes, contrasting with the pretty flowers that climbed up the walls, embodying a real Mediterranean vibe.  During this portion of the trip, I was lucky enough to be able to stay at the home of an incredibly gracious family friend, and that is where most of today’s pictures were taken.

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 Today’s outfit is a bit dressier because we were headed out to dinner in Eze and I knew nothing about the tiny medieval village, except that it was known for its beauty and charm. What I didn’t know about were the world famous panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea, so Eze certainly did not disappoint.  As quaint and adorable as this place sounds, it also had a restaurant with seafood so delicious I think I’m still dreaming about it.

I simply love the colors and the fun tribal prints and stripes on this dress.  Summer is the time to go for lots of fun and color- this  one manages to do both while keeping it dressy enough for a night out in the French Riviera.  Oh and this is the last time you guys will see me wearing these little black ALDO heels.  I left one of them somewhere along my travels, London maybe? Who knows! All I know is I am down a shoe.  Just call me Cinderella! 

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Dress: Forever21

Heels: Aldo

Ring: H&M

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Heureux Vendredi!