Festival Friendly

Coachella, CA


I decided last minute to head to Coachella with some friends for the weekend. After living in Los Angeles for 12 years (four of them, when I was in college and Coachella was the equivalent to a California spring break) I FINALLY made it. And to be honest, it really was not on my agenda to even go this year, I only went because the stars aligned and some friends had extra passes at the last minute. 

And since Coachella is often synonymous with exposed midriffs and skimpy dresses, I wondered how I would pull off a look that's festival-friendly and also age appropriate. I was looking to stay cool in the 90+ heat and also a bit more polished than I would have probably dressed in my college days. Luckily, there are endless options for 30-year-olds (like me!) who are looking to dress for the event without showing a ton of skin. And since I only had a few days to pull together my weekend wardrobe, everything I have linked below is available relatively quickly! That being said, I didn't get the chance to wear lots of these because there simply wasn't enough time. However, I will be doing a try-on with some of my favorites in the coming days. 


This little white dress is a great starting point. Toss it on over a swimsuit, add a denim jacket for when things cool down in the evening and add accessories that take it up a notch. I paired it with a neck scarf for a little pop of color and more importantly, for covering my face at night when the dust kicked up. 

My highlights? The sun, the music, the fashion, the friend time, the pool time... but mostly BEYONCE! 

15 (3).jpg

Dress: Aerie

Heels: Coach

Crossbody: c/o Goodnight Macaroon

Scarf: Anthropologie

Earrings: Madewell

20 (1).jpg