Got Spirit

Los Angeles, CA


Ready for the big game? It's time to trade in those heels, grab your flats and sport your favorite team colors. Whether you're a diehard fan (like me) rooting on your team, or you're just in it for the commercials and dip, it's important to look cool, comfy, and appropriately spirited. You don't want to be too dressed-up for a day on the couch (it's sort of like showing up to a BBQ in a ball gown), but you also don't want to completely forgo your style in an oversized sweatshirt. I usually just wear a team jersey or a cute tee, jeans and sneakers. My friend got me this adorable sweater from Alyssa Milano's line, Touch, which I also LOVE. 

Ways to Score Extra Points:

  • Opt for loose curls when doing your hair
  • Go bright with your lips
  • Wear hoops or statement earrings
  • Paint your nails the team color
med crop.jpg

Who are you guys rooting for today? After years of growing up in New England, I have yet to lose my love for the Patriots. I definitely turn into a crazy, screaming fan when the Super Bowl rolls around... so watch out!

Sweater: Alyssa Milano Touch (Sold Out)

Sneakers: c/o Vionic

Jeans: c/o AG

Earrings: H&M

Hair/Makeup/Photo: Aaron Barry