Hollywood, CA


Is it too late to wish you all a Happy New Year? Oh well, I am doing it anyway. Hope you're all off to a great 2018!


I often take this time to reflect on the year and dream up things I want for myself over the coming days. I think that it's a fun little exercise and I'm going to do a bit of it here.  However, I have learned that life has a mind of its own and while hard work is always the key to success, there are lots of things that happen along the way that are out of our control. 

 Between starting a new job, and exploring new cities, it's been all kinds of NEW for me in 2018. I revamped my closet and got myself a new standing wardrobe and yes, I even joined one of those trendy new workout classes (that I am not confident I wil survive again-oops!) So far, it's all been pretty good!  But honestly, the thing that I've learned over the recent years is that nothing is permanent. The jobs, the ups, and the downs, so my goal from last year and this year too, is to continue to focus on the day in front of me. I want to enjoy the now, be present as much as possible, put away my phone at night and go after the things I really want with my career. I want to Facetime more with my fam, explore more and write even more than that. I want to see my niece as much (or more than I did this year) and I want to continue to watch my Mum defeat cancer.  


What are your big dreams for this year? 


I love this winter white sweater from Goodnight Macaroon. It's accented by a big turtleneck and oversized pockets. You can wear it with jeans but I wore it as a dress because I think layered and with knee-high boots, it works well. There's nothing fresher than white in the winter and to top it off, Aaron did my hair and makeup for this look. Isn't he just the best? Follow along on my Instagram stories for more behind the scenes fun with my favorite Irishman;) 


Jacket: c/o SHEIN (Under $40!)

Sweater: c/o Goodnight Macaroon

Boots: c/o Goodnight Macaroon

Tassel Earrings: LOFT

Handbag: Kate Spade (similar)

Hair + Makeup: Aaron Barry