Wailea, Hawaii

I've never been great at posting in real-time, especially when that time involves frozen drinks. And that's why two weeks after my Hawaiian trip, you're still going to see island posts. In addition to that, let me just say that even with the newest of iPhone updates, it's not always easy to capture the beauty of a sunset or crashing wave or even a really cute outfit. During the week, I am spoiled with a photographer who has an eye for that kind of thing. But when I'm traveling or out with friends, it's not always glamorous or fun to force them to snap a solo shot of me by the pool. Are you with me??

We're all relaxing with a cocktail and then I pop up and pose like I am casually laughing at a great joke (that they are most definitely not telling me). In fact, they want to kill me for making them get up from their lounge chair. Or how about a pretty scene? I see one (or in the case of Hawaii... 500) and then stand there looking like a kid who's mom is taking pics of them of the first day back to school. Ah yes, REAL LIFE!

That being said, my pals are amazing sports and so we go through the whole process anyways! I really just wanted you to picture how ridiculous the real me looked posing for these seemingly breezy shots. But isn't this tank from Banana Republic Factory perfect for the islands and well, summer in general? I love the colors, the ruffles and the fact that it makes me look polished even in 100 degree heat. AMEN! 

Ruffle Tank (50% OFF): c/o Banana Republic Factory

High-Waist Shorts: Anthropologie

Earrings: Nuage Bleu