The Holiday Hustle

Beverly Hills, CA

The past week has been filled with last minute deadlines, Christmas shopping and holiday party hopping. There’s always a ton of fun and excitement right before the entire city shuts down for the year. And it’s safe to say as of tomorrow, LA is pretty much closed.

It has been a wonderful blur but I’m very excited to head back to New Hampshire to relax and catch up with my family. And I have to admit, it never really feels much like Christmas until I get there.  New Hampshire is freezing and it’s snowy (and I’ll definitely be wearing a lot more layers than I do here) but it’s home.

I’ll be packing this gorgeous red pleated skirt in my suitcase tonight! I found it at H&M and it’s perfect for the holiday season—and beyond! I love it with this cropped lace-up sweater but it also would be great with a chunky metallic sweater or glittery top.

Pleated Skirt: H&M

Lace-up Sweater: Forever 21

Crossbody:  WhoWhatWear Collection/Target (Similar)


Photos By: Joe Yu