Making History

Los Angeles, CA

Political parties aside, for the first time in U.S. history, we have the chance to vote for a woman as president.  And I think that’s pretty amazing. Hilary’s name on the ticket has not only changed the world today, but also tomorrow. I personally never even imagined being the prez when I was little. I only pictured George Washington-type men holding that title. Now, little girls can start dreaming of pantsuits and debates in the Oval Office...

Created to make all women feel effortlessly confident, LeMotto embraces opportunities to celebrate the modern-day lady. Their Less/More Tee Shirt Campaign features motivational quotes to live by and today I'm choosing to say cheers to you, Hilz, because you are the ultimate #girlboss.

Cheers to the first, First-Lady who took women and children’s healthcare issues more seriously than redecorating the White House bedroom. Cheers to proving that there are no limits—on any of us—anymore. Cheers to shattering that glass ceiling.

 And cheers to paving the way for a world of change for men and women, for all of us.

 Happy Election Day everyone!

Get out there and VOTE. 

Tee: c/o LeMotto

Ripped Skinnies: (similar) Choies

Crossbody: Forever21

Confetti Pumps: Nine West (Similar)

Metro Watch: Kate Spade via Amazon


Photos By: Joe Yu