August 4, 2015

Los Angeles, CA

I’m heading back to work today after a whirlwind weekend away.  I sunbathed, attended a beautiful oceanside wedding, and spent my days indulging in seafood with friends and family. Needless to say, getting back to the office today has been a bit of a struggle. To ease my way into reality, I’ve decided to dress like I’m still on vacation with this fun, casual look.

I stumbled into these printed pants from H&M a few weeks ago. They were $10 and as cozy as pj’s so I, of course, grabbed them.  While this look here is very bold and casual, if styled with pumps and a nude blouse, you can easily pull off an outfit that’s well-suited for the office.  This ensemble is certainly a bit different for me and while I usually gravitate towards the classic, more polished pieces, every once in a while I like to let my hair down and try something new.

Sneakers: Keds

Printed Pants: H&M  

Cropped Turtleneck Tank: American Apparel


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Photos By: Dara Denysyk