First Day.

August 27, 2014

Santa Monica, CA.


It is an age-old tradition to take a “first day of school” photo.  Not only is it the day that marks the beginning of your educational journey, but it also signifies other firsts like eating cafeteria food and carting around an oversized backpack for the first time.  While the tradition of taking this photo stems back to a child’s very first day of entering school, it has since been extended beyond that initial year.    Nowadays, some people are taking “first day” photos of their kids every year until they reach high school and if you’re like me, you’re still taking them when you’re in college too!

My mum always really loved snapping “first day” photos and I blame her for my college edition shots.  It was mandatory in our house and even though I usually looked groggy, half-asleep, and generally unimpressed- still very much in my lazy summer vacation mode- I really love looking back at all of the outfits I’ve worn over the years.   I’d spend hours agonizing over the perfect ensemble year after year and looking back at some of the hilarious combinations I came up with, I wonder what I could have been thinking.  Regardless, the start of school always brought with it new possibilities and challenges and no matter how many “firsts” it had been for me, I always seemed to have trouble falling asleep that night.   

Thus, in honor of most people heading back to school this week, I’ve decided to put together what would be my ideal “first day” look.  While it’s bright, colorful, and breezy, it still has an air of fall that gives it that “back to school” look.  Midi skirts are great for this time of year and this floral beauty from Anthropologie is quickly becoming a favorite!

poss main.jpg

Floral Skirt: Anthropologie

White Top: Forever21 

Peplum Cardigan: Anthropologie 

Oxfords: Dolce Vita via Macy’s 

Snap Pea Purse: Kate Spade 

Round Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters (similar) 

smile med.jpg
smile mesds.jpg
med shot.jpg

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Photos By: Art Voskonian